Transformational Technology Public Meetings

The first of two pre-proposal public meetings on the “transformational technology” project was held Saturday morning, January 5, from 10 to noon in the Middle School media center. Nine parents and one student were in attendance, along with three school board members, a teacher, and three administrators.

Matt Hillmann, the district technology director, gave a one-hour presentation, which was followed by small-group and large-group sessions to gather feedback. Those in attendance were generally supportive of the concept of putting iPads into the hands of students, but had a wide range of questions and concerns: about cost, insurance, security, educational impact, etc.

There will be another pre-proposal public meeting tomorrow (Monday, February 7, 7-9 pm, Middle School media center). After the formal proposal is presented to the board at the January 28th board meeting, there will be two more public meetings to gather feedback on the proposal itself.

If you have concerns or questions, or wish to express support for the transformational technology initiative, please try to attend tomorrow’s meeting.

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