Some Press on Modified Calendars and Time Spent on Test Preparation

Time on testing: 738 minutes in 3 weeks” (Washington Post) Chicago teacher Adam Heenan wonders how much time is spent each year on preparing for high-stakes standardized testing. It’s already eating up much of the school year and much of the time teachers have to teach.

Heenan mentions a resolution by the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) calling for an audit that would show the amount of time and money spent on testing and testing preparation.

As More Schools Open Earlier, Parents Seek to Reclaim Summer” (New York Times, reposted at An article from 2005: “Harris Cooper, a psychology professor at Duke University who is director of its education program, said that a modified calendar could be more helpful to children from families of lower socio-economic status. But he doubted that modified calendars produce any overall academic benefits.”

Billee Bussard, an advocate for traditional school calendars and editor of SummerMatters, asks, “What are the real motives behind the early school start?” (from 2005, reposted on

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